Today, for the fourth year, The Daily News is launching its six-week “Students in Need" fundraiser campaign, running through May 14. Our goal is to raise $50,000. That’s enough to provide for about a year’s worth of success fund grants.

Students in Need has a simple purpose: To keep Lower Columbia College students in school who otherwise would drop out because they can’t afford it.

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Grants of as little as $100 or $200 can make the difference between dropping out and completing a two-year degree.

Just as with Neighbors in Need, 100 percent of all money donated will go toward helping people stay in school – TDN will pay any and all fees. So, if you give $1 dollar, TDN will give it all to the LCC Foundation, specifically earmarked for student retention.

We hope you will give to Students in Need for several reasons:

Students in Need will help build a solid, qualified workforce in Cowlitz County

TDN has a long history of giving through Neighbors in Need, so you can be confident donations will help local students.

Helping students graduate is a long-term success strategy. It’s well-documented that education boosts a person’s earning power.

The LCC Foundation is a professionally managed and audited organization. We have made every effort to only work with charitable organizations with audited financial operations, which focus on helping local people. LCC meets these important qualifications.

Students in Need will work just like Neighbors in Need. Donations can be made through a coupon that will be printed in the paper daily though July 24. Donations also can be made online at As with Neighbors in Need, donations can be made in memory of a friend or loved one, and we will publish the names of the donors and those memorialized in the paper and online.

Students in Need Coupon – 2019

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