don walker

Inslee is power drunk, so many of his closures are astoundingly ridiclous

should have been a clean bill,why was there a need for all this democrat pork?

unconstitutional mandates,what makes me sad is so many people go along with having their rights violated,common sence says stay home but give government zero right to violate our rights

RA Long would have just fired them

the stupidity of environmentalism astounding. in late 70s we were required by law to pull every chuck of wood out of the creeks we logged around for the salmon.then the 50 ft buffer zones that turned into nightmares after 1st windstorm.yey we can not address the number 1 issue overpopulat…

there should be no conversation,how did this issue ever become the taxpaying citizens responsibility in the 1 st place?

sad part of this whole issue, is governmental agencys changing the rules as we go,we the people need to wake up its called tyranny. if they can do this to a multi national corporation,what can the do to you?

gotta admit 1 thing democrats great at is destroying blue collar jobs

ah the life in the democrat dictatorship

left wing media created hysteria for democrats political gain

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