erik richardson

if this doesnt win the pulitzer the world needs to burn

"dark complexion"... aint no way im helping the governments gang soldiers do anything

if they are completely incompetent, they really need to apply at nippon... always space for more managers.. short on desks but they can make it work

skibowlruler commented on I-1639, one week in

this is great!!.. we def need more government action to solve all of our problems, seems to be working out super good... i mean lets get real the 2a was invented by a bunch of criminals who picked up military grade weapons to overthrow another government that was actually.. google it.. li…

weird.. we just pretend to do drills so no production is lost... cute story tho

contact the fbi😂👏🏻👏🏻... 99% bull virus attempt... i hope u guys follow up with this story

and then it peed on his favorite thing

i cant, wont for 1 minute believe that yet another brilliant city ordinance didnt solve the problem.. or that more government is not the solution to every problem ever.. seems to be working out pretty good so far

im still waiting, hoping for a cop to come by 7th ave on a rainy day.. id love to get tazed for keeping 8 year olds dry... geniuses have solved literally nothing.. congrats

park plaza estates 😂

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