Syndi Bay

Nice to see a local business begin again that will provide 100 jobs. That's half the number of the proposed ethanol plant. I bet if the owner of the restaurant had the kind of money the frackers have to spend on that plant she could hire more than the 200 the plant is going to hire! Upsho…

This is a very healthy sign that good people from all over our area are running against sitting politicians. Fresh Air. It's a good thing.

1.1 million tons of annual greenhouse gas will be transplanted to OUR AREA and other areas won't have to add that amount to their neighborhoods. All for 200 jobs.

I don't like the new uniforms because (1) the top does not match the bottom, (2) it makes them look like swat cops (a look more and more people are growing to hate); and (3) you can't tell a sheriff from a city cop. Uniforms should make a unit cohesive and recognizable. These guys certainl…

Gee whiz! Just how big and scary IS this woman who can kidnap and rob a man?

Since when do we have oil refineries in Washington? These people in ND have a lot of nerve and they are going to lose again in court.

A pop up canopy is not a tarp.

When a tax is imposed there should never be acceptions of any kind anywhere. It just opens the door to lawbreaking. Just treat everyone alike no matter where they come from.

This lady and her children didn't kill anyone. The damaged property of the landlord was not done by her. The damage should be paid for and repaired by the policing agency that busted it up, just like any other person would have to pay damages. And the woman should be put into living circu…

This is the saddest thing I have ever heard. Mother Natures largest beautiful mammals starving to death in the ocean. Makes you wonder about Fukashima leaking into the water all these years.

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