Randy gollihugh

They have the port of entries that is the legal way to become a citizen if you cross any other way then turn around and go home.

Most of the problem is all the affordable properties are being bought by people in other cities. Then they raising the rates so high that the people who need housing are not even close to being able to rent

Our city needs a change and I for one will not vote for an incumbent

The report also included a national survey of more than 23,000 people who were asked to rate their level of satisfaction with government services If I was to guess not one single republican was surveyed probably all seattle residents. I like washington but our democrats in office suck

Take them to court pretty sure a. Lawyer would take the case

big mistake

gillnetters should be stopped they kill every fish they catch like sturgeon no matter if they are legal size or not.

The person that caught 14000 or more to me is probably in areas not allowed just seems like that would be the only way to catch that many comes out to about 40 pikeminnow a day

Why should we discriminate against a religion whose mission is world domination These judges need to step down or learn whats in the constitution

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