Mr Bastinado

Thieve at your own peril.

Unfortunately, Riverkeeper is exactly correct in its statement that once the methanol is delivered to China that the end-use of it will be impossible to track. Again, unfortunately, Chinese companies and government have a long track record of obsfucation, misleading, and down-right lying …

Mr Bastinado commented on Skippers restaurant in Longview closing

Very sad news.

You gotta love the line, "Since the landfill doesn't seem to pose a health or safety concern, the commissioners decided to let it stay as is for now.". Just exactly how would they know that the landfill isn't presenting a health or safety concern without the testing? Sure seems that they'…

Ironic that that quote is so apropos to a current world leader.

Would one of the WH advisors please explain to the "stable genius" that it's the American consumer that pays these tariffs. Thanks.

Because "trade wars are easy to win".
The "stable genius" was obviously confusing "trade wars" with Star Wars. Where's Luke Skywalker to save us now...

Please invite all the homeless to your home and feed and tend to them as you deem fit, THEN feel free to demonize the city council for all their (so-called) apparent shortcomings. The Longview City Council did not create the homeless problem that burdens every city in America or the "Lo…

Unless it's a big-ticket item, at $3.25/gallon it's gonna cost Rainier residents more to drive elsewhere.

Both Jensen and Wallin are leaders that have the people's best interests in heart.

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