Andre Stepankowsky

Cityside Editor

We have now entered that post-legislative- session phase in which the giddiness of having passed a $52.4 billion biennium budget on time gives way to concern from those programs and agencies mostly left out of state lawmakers' largesse.

While many local residents welcomed the area's recent warm and sunny weather, those 80-plus degree days also heralded the return of algae to L…

Despite last week's drama in which Senate Republicans refused to show up at the Capitol, there's little doubt that a $2 billion tax package for education investments will soon pass. While some legislators have their beefs with House Bill 3427, few question the need for more money to support Oregon's students, from pre-kindergarten through high school. Senate Republicans need to end the drama, return to the Capitol and vote this bill in.

At the risk of raining on the parade of sunny weather Clark County has enjoyed the past couple weeks, we have managed to find a dark cloud amidst the clear skies: Forecasters predict a busy wildfire season for Western Washington.

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