Tom Paulu

Great story! Locally owned hardware stores have pretty much disappeared, though it seems that some of the chains are getting better at employing people who are knowledgeable and useful, though you still may have to buy a blister pack of two or four of the thing that you need only one of.

It might take a few years before all sides of the issue realize that the higher the pay for existing employees, the less money there is to hire more of them. It's an awkward system when the state funds education but doesn't set the pay for the workers, unlike with state agencies.

If you're swimming in a sea of drug abuse, is it more compassionate -- and less costly -- to prevent more people from diving in or to scoop them out of the water and arrest them?

It looks like 20 different governmental agencies are calling for a 21st agency to help them all work together.

Happy retirement, Bill! Yes, many fond memories of people sharing their stories with the people with notebooks and cameras who come into their lives. Let’s cover another cattle roundup or trip across the bar some time ...

Good story. One aspect of the homeless camping out at the lake is that many people see them, unlike with camps that tend to be off the beaten path. Public camping is much evident in bigger cities, where people live along and under freeways. It challenges all of us to look for solutions to ho…

It sounds like the real problem is the existence of this registry for low-level offenders. This issue might inspire a change in the law. Someone without Mr. Hart's history could always get the registry, saying she was going to use it for an academic study, then share it with Hart.

Reporting and editorializing are different. The DN has covered both sides of the issue well. Editorials, by definition, state an opinion on one side or the other.

As a veteran of several Messiahs under Drs. Kirkpatrick and DeVidal, I'm glad to see it's back. It's also a way to celebrate another old theater that's been repurposed. Downtown Longview is certainly theater-rich with LCC, the Columbia, Stageworks and this one.

Walt was a true gentleman who served the citizens well.

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