Local fans cheer Seahawks’ stunning comeback in win over Packers

Seahawks fan Pat Lippy celebrates the winning game wearing his 12th Man flag, usually draped over the Kelso Theater Pub balcony on game days.

Groans of disappointment quickly turned into deafening cheers at the Kelso Theater Pub, where devoted Seattle Seahawks fans crowded to see their team headed to the Super Bowl for the second year running.

In a last-minute turnaround, the Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers 28-22 in overtime at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. After three periods of dismal offensive plays, the Seahawks winning is nothing short of a miracle, said Pat Lippy of Kelso.

“In the last five minutes (of regulation play), it was absolute insanity. They started playing like the Seahawks instead of the Dallas Cowboys,” Lippy said. “I’m a diehard fan, but it looked like it was over.”

The Seahawks spent the first half of the game trailing behind the Packers, debilitated by a strong Packers defense, fans said.

“The Seattle defense isn’t bad, but the Packers have a good defense and offense. And the Seahawks have made some mistakes,” said Ann Fisher of Kalama.

A moment of hope arrived when punter Jon Ryan passed to offensive lineman Garry Gilliam, scoring the team’s first touchdown.

“I thought we would be out of (the running) before that punt pass,” Lippy said.

But, minute upon minute ticked away without another Seahawks score.

With less than three minutes left, fans began trickling out of the Theater Pub, either too nervous to watch or declaring the game a lost cause.

“(The Seahawks) aren’t in sync. They aren’t playing like the Seahawks,” said Dick Lough of Longview, just minutes before quarterback Russell Wilson scored a game-clinching touchdown.

At the final score, the Theater Pub erupted with roaring celebration, including noisemakers and chants of “Seahawks.”

“There’s a good reason they get paid millions,” Lippy said. “I might go home and watch the game again.”

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