Columbus Day Storm anniversary

C.H. "Pete" Peterson is dwarfed by the huge roofs of a giant tree on his property at 107 Laurel Place. He said he would rather have lost almost anything other than this tree.

Some things stick out in my mind on this Friday afternoon, I was working for MartinTransfer on 12th Ave. The wind started gusting as we gathered on the freight dock. We could see the tall willow trees lining the alley between Commerce and 12th.

These trees were bending over. We were expecting them to topple over. Then the electricity shut off and we all decided our work day was over.

I had a wife who was expecting and two young sons at home on Taylor Avenue. I made a quick stop at Schnieder Brothers Hardware on Commerce Avenue to buy a camp stove, lantern and fuel. I made my way home dodging tree branches and other de bris. At Lake Sacajawea and Ocean Beach Highway, things got worse. Trees down all over, I had to drive on the sidewalk to get on Pacific Way.

When I got home, I had two frightened boys standing in the living room, I got them busy getting things ready for more storm danger, filling the tub with water, clearing out the boys’ bedroom and covering the windows on the southern side.

I was building a fence and had a pile of eight foot 4x4's and criss-crossed these on the windy side of the roof.

We only lost a few shingle tabs. God blessed us with a baby daughter a few days later, I wanted to name her "Windy", but my wife said “no!” and we settled for "Wendy.”

— R.H. Davids, Longview

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