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AP News Minute: As the United States awaits approval of a COVID-19 vaccine, the country experienced its worst one-day death toll yet, the moth…

I am old enough to remember every president since Eisenhower and I believe Trump* is the worst of that group.

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The worst of them all. Nothing super here after Csonka's early fumble set Dallas on its way. Csonka fumbled only 21 times in 11 seasons, and this one was the most costly.

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"These taste like stale Cheetos," wrote Tony about these, which he ranked worst. Joe thought they looked like cheese snacks too, but ranked them in his top three. "Cheeto-orange dustings. Has a bit of smoke at the end. Like barbecue chips with a sweet edge. But not tomatoey." Grace liked them even more. "Tasty as heck," she wrote, underlined three times.

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"What is this B.S.?" wrote reporter Nick Kindelsperger, who ranked these his worst. "Small, circular rice cakes taste like sadness." Reporter Joe Gray also ranked them worst. "Look like the surface of someone's brain. Too sweet. Not much tomato at all, but at least salt is in there."

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"So sour there must have been a vinegar accident at the plant," Louisa Chu wrote about these chips, which she ranked as worst. Nick shockingly ranked them as a top three. "This one understands the balance of vinegar and sugar, which is the secret to ketchup's power."

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The 2020 edition of the Farmers' Almanac predicts that two-thirds of the country will face a colder-than-normal winter season. The worst of this year's bitterly cold winter will affect the eastern parts of the Rockies all the way to the Appalachians.

With health care costs rising and U.S. life expectancy declining for the third year in a row, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2019’s Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America as well as accompanying videos.

With U.S. traffic congestion costing the average driver over $1,400 per year and the U.S. ranked 10th in the world in road quality, the personal-finance website WalletHub today released its report on 2019's Best & Worst States to Drive in.

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