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Peanut Butter

TikTok creator @jellybean.celine tried the trending 5-ingredient cookie recipe and was definitely impressed with how delicious this dessert turned out when she swapped peanut butter for cookie butter.

This healthy take on Snickers from @johngs uses dates, crunchy peanut butter, and roasted peanuts for filling. Then he coats the bars with melted dark chocolate and sprinkles with sea salt for a vegan candy bar made from just five ingredients.

If you need a grab-and-go option for hectic mornings, try making these healthy 4-ingredient chocolate peanut butter bars from dietician @alyssafontainerd. They’re packed with fruit and fiber to keep you energized until lunch.

Admit it—we’ve all risked food poisoning for a bite or two of uncooked cookie dough. Now you don’t have to, and you can pack in some protein while you’re at it. This recipe from @nicole_thenomad uses chickpeas and peanut butter to get the cookie dough texture you crave.

Need something sweet to cool off on a long day? Make your own chocolate covered chunky peanut butter filled frozen bananas at home with this super simple recipe from @soyummy. These poolside snacks will be a hit with kids—if all the adults don’t eat them first.

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These three-ingredient dog-friendly popsicles from @jillianpgriffith are great for hot summer days and helping your dog cool off after a long walk. Packed with protein and fiber from the peanut butter, Greek yogurt, and banana, they’re also good for your dog’s digestive system.

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If you’re looking for something sweet, full of protein, and pretty to look at, try this layered peanut butter latte from @houseofcoffee. The only problem? You might not want to go back to cream and sugar after trying it.

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If you need a quick bite of something sweet, this recipe from @sydney.a4 is the perfect big batch snack recipe. To make it you’ll need bananas, peanut butter (or any nut butter you like), chocolate chips, and milk (or a milk alternative). Pop these in your freezer for a delicious healthy snack you can enjoy throughout the week.

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It's the cookie equivalent of Reese's Pieces, a chocolate-coated cookie with creamy peanut butter smeared on it. Do I have to say more? (N.B. The peanut butter here is smooth and silky, in contrast to the graininess of that of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.) This was in the running for first place — it's a great cookie in its own right but also lends itself to the sacred art of Cookie Deconstruction, the hedonist act of consuming layers of a cookie one by one. Examples include eating the middle out of an Oreo first, or biting off individual layers of Kit Kat.

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Peanut butter has been a great friend to me during quarantine, as I imagine it has for many people. Spread on the usual suspects, sure — apples, celery, toast — but also eaten alone, on a plastic takeout spoon while sitting on the couch, staring at a blank Google doc for the second consecutive hour. What did I learn during these long afternoons? A lot about myself. But also that peanut butter tastes good anytime, and on pretty much everything.

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You can wrap them to pass out or carry around all day and slip a bite under your mask when you need a boost. This basic formula comes together easily and costs less to make than it does to buy a box of packaged bars at the supermarket.

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This is for chocolate-peanut-butter lovers everywhere. A salty-sweet spin on the sugar-coated cereal snack known as muddy buddies, this version adds pretzels and salted peanuts to the mix. If you want to package these like a box of chocolate, form the mix into clusters in the variation below. ___ SALTY-SWEET NUTTY BUDDIES 15 minutes. Makes about 8 cups. 1 { cups semisweet chocolate chips { cup ...

Cookbook author Jennifer Tyler Lee and Anisha Patel, a professor of pediatrics at Stanford University, have teamed up to create a new family c…

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