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Mark Morris sinks 7-0 to River in the rain

Mark Morris sinks 7-0 to River in the rain


The Monarchs fell 7-0 against Columbia River in their soggy soccer game Thursday night. After starting 30 minutes early in an attempt to beat the storm, Mark Morris couldn’t outrun the rain or the Chieftains.

River stole their first three goals against the Monarchs in the first half of the game.

Mark Morris tried to keep up, rotating players in to minimize play time for those hurt and injured.

“It was a tough match. That’s a good team. We’re down right now. That’s a good team that caught us on the hardest day to play,” Monarchs coach Eric Maxey said.

The slippery grass didn’t help the Monarchs either. Between slipping on kicks and sliding on turns, the Monarchs had a hard time keeping the ball on their feet.

However, the Monarchs didn’t let up on the Chieftains. They kept the ball moving and tried to keep it on River’s side. River just seemed to know all the moves to out-maneuver Mark Morris.

“We’ll bounce back. This team is pretty resilient. We have a lot of things to work on. We’ll get some rest. We’ll come back next week and start over again,” Maxey said.

Part of that starting over is focusing on getting healthy. During their match against River, the Monarchs had five girls on the bench with illness or injury.

“We’ve been battling for the last few weeks. They’re healthy and we’re not. If you’re not at your best, then they’re going to show you. My defense was battered up. That’s where we’ve taken the biggest hits,” Maxey said.

The cold weather started to take its toll on the team in the second half when the rain hit in full force. Every time a Monarch had the ball, River would sweep it out from under them, take it upfield, and shoot. This signature move usually ended in a point for River.

The Monarchs didn’t let River’s lead get them down. They continued to push through and make big moves. In a last-chance play, Mary Vandenberg passed to Katie troy, who booted it to Balkan. But River snaked it out from behind them before they could take the shot.

“The effort that they put out was amazing,” Maxey said. “They got really tired at the end, we were just done. But we’ll get back. They need some rest, they need to recuperate. We have got to get healthy by Tuesday.”


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