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Loads of local ballers land on All-League lists

Loads of local ballers land on All-League lists


It seems like a lifetime ago but this winter was another successful run on area hardwood as area teams from Toledo to Woodland and Toutle Lake to Ilwaco were able to make waves on the prep hoops scene.

Some of those successes were of the team variety, like the Tigers on the south side of the Columbia River who brought their second straight girls basketball title back to Clatskanie. Not to mention third place finishes at state by the boys of Naselle and the girls of Wahkiakum, or the sixth place finish in the boys bracket by Toutle Lake.

Then there were individual accomplishments, such as the 500th career victory this season by Eric Swanson and his Fighting Ducks, and a multitude of 1,000 point scorers in the area.

As it turns out, there were also league MVPs and coaches of the year littered around local gymnasiums, like Jan Karnoski at R.A. Long or Landon Nelson in Rainier, or Bryce Cline in Winlock or Kal Schaplow in Toledo. Of course, Clatskanie cleaned up as well on their way to their state championship with Shelby Blodgett earning league MVP honors and John Blodgett coming home with a coach of the year tag.

The following is a complete list of All-League teams from around the area as voted on by the coaches.

3A Girls

Greater St. Helens League


Jaydia Martin, junior, Hudson’s Bay

1st Team

Natalie Fraley, sophomore, Kelso

Alexis Kleven, senior, Kelso

Kamelai Powell, junior, Hudson’s Bay

Claire Heitschmidt, junior, Prairie

Allison Corral, senior, Prairie

Meri Dunford, senior, Prairie

2nd Team

Cooper Joy, senior, Kelso

Paytin Ballard, sophomore, Hudson’s Bay

Kailey Gonzalez, junior, Ft. Vancouver

Kaetlyn Henderson, freshman, Mountainview

Coraleigh Speer, sophomore, Evergreen

Dayna Vera, senior, Prairie

Coach of the Year: Hala Corral, Prairie

3A Boys

Greater St. Helens League


Mario Herring, senior, Evergreen

1st Team

AJ Dixson, senior, Prairie

Aiden Fraly, senior, Prairie

Zyell Griffin, senior, Evergreen

Austin Lee, junior, Mountain View

Kahlil Singleton, sophomore, Ft. Vancouver

2nd Team

Wyatt Brown, senior, Kelso

Josh Webb, senior, Kelso

Zeke Dixson, senior, Prairie

Tony King, senior, Hudson’s Bay

Carter Monda, senior, Evergreen

Jaden Stanley, junior, Evergreen

Coach of the Year: Brett Henry, Evergreen

2A Girls

Greater St. Helens League


Jordan Ryan, senior, Columbia River

1st Team

Payten Foster, senior, Woodland

Miranda Lomax, sophomore, R.A. Long

Skylar Bea, junior, Washougal

Jaiden Bea, sophomore, Washougal

McKinley Stotts, senior, Washougal

Gracie Brummer, sophomore, Hockinson

2nd Team

Bobbi Clark, junior, R.A. Long

Jacie Rismoen, senior, Mark Morris

Kaily Christensen, senior, Woodland

Nicole Guthrie, senior, Woodland

Dejah Wilson, senior, Columbia River

Savea Mansfield, sophomore, Washougal

Kylie Ritter, sophomore, Hockinson

Coach of the Year: Jan Karnoski, R.A. Long

2A Boys


Nate Snook, senior, Columbia River

1st Team

Cameron Holden, junior, R.A. Long

Jakob Davis, senior, Washougal

Josh Mansur, senior, Ridgfield

Ashton Harvey, junior, Mark Morris

Dylan Valdez, senior, Columbia River

2nd Team

Cavin Holden, R.A. Long

Isaiah Flanagan, Woodland

Alex Miller, Columbia River

Micah Paulsen, Hockinson

Yanni Fassalis, Washougal

Coach of the Year: David Long, Columbia River

1A Girls

TriCo League


Kylee Stephens, sophomore, La Center

1st Team

Abby Cummins, junior, King’s Way Christian

Laurel Quinn, sophomore, King’s Way Christian

Jasmine Morgan, senior, Seton Catholic

Katie Rathgeber, senior, Stevenson

Mia Edwards, senior, La Center

Mya Aman, junior, Columbia-White Salmon

2nd Team

Payton Kessler, sophomore, Castle Rock

Ashley Brannan, senior, Stevenson

Gianna D’Emilio, freshman, La Center

Sydney Aman, freshman, Columbia-White Salmon

Maggie Bryan, freshman, Columbia-White Salmon

Annabelle Atwood, sophomore, King’s Way Christian

Honorable Mention

Ella Anderson, freshman, Castle Rock

Alyse Webberly, freshman, La Center

Cassie Macnab, junior, Stevenson

Chloe Clifford, sophomore, Columbia-White Salmon

Kinsey Tindol, senior, King’s Way Christian

Maddie Wills, sophomore, Seton Catholic

Coach of the Year: Herm VanWeerdhuizen, La Center

1A Boys

TriCo League


Hunter Ecklund, senior, La Center

1st Team

Xavian Rushing, senior, Seton Catholic

Gabe Anderson, senior, Seton Catholic

Evan Norris, senior, La Center

Kobi Carson, senior, King’s Way Christian

Brady Metz, senior, King’s Way Christian

Bryson Metz, sophomore, King’s Way Christian

2nd Team

Jonny Boissonnault, senior, Castle Rock

Kellen Ball, senior, Seton Catholic

Kai Butterworth, sophomore, King’s Way Christian

Gage Loenders, senior, King’s Way Christian

Jono Blackledge, senior, Stevenson

Honorable Mention

Landon Gardner, Castle Rock

Hunter Ball, senior, La Center

Jesse Miller, senior, Stevenson

Andy Olson, senior, Seton Catholic

Jacob Lockman, junior, Columbia-White Salmon

Bailey Meek, junior, King’s Way Christian

Coach of the Year: Daven Harmeling, King’s Way Christian

2B Girls

Central League


Kal Schaplow, senior, Toledo

1st Team

Paige Mace, Wahkiakum

Jansi Merz, Wahkiakum

Addison Hall, Winlock

Payton Aselton, Adna

Kaeley Schultz, Rainier

2nd Team

Stacie Spahr, Toledo

Payton Torrey, Mossyrock

Andee Nelson, Mossyrock

Sophie Beadle, Rainier

Callie Lawrence, Onalaska

Kaylin Todd, Adna

3rd Team

Molly Donald, Toutle Lake

Hailey Brooks, Mossyrock

Faith Boesch, Rainier

Natalya Marcial, Napavine

Faith Wellander, Adna

Honorable Mention

Gracie Madill, Toledo

Ale’ Cadarso, Toledo

Jordyn Grabenhorst, Toutle Lake

Gracie Stemkoski, Kalama

Reigha Niemeyer, Wahkiakum,

Rae Sisson, Napavine

Carmen Cleveland-Barrera, Onalaska

Shaylee Peters, Morton-White Pass

Coach of the Year: Brian Layton, Toledo

Pacific League


Kyra Gardner, sophomore, Raymond

1st Team

Erika Glenn, junior, Ilwaco

Katie Adkins, senior, Willapa Valley

Alicia Pluff, senior, Chief Leschi

Mylina Pluff, sophomore, Chief Leschi

Britney Patrick, senior, Willapa Valley

2nd Team

Annika Mason, junior, Pe Ell

Jaelyn Turner, junior, Life Christian

Kylie Gray, junior, Ilwaco

Hannah Miller, junior, Raymond

Whitley Step, sophomore, NW Christian

3rd Team

Sunny Kemmer, senior, Ilwaco

Skyler Langston, sophomore, North Beach

Charlie Carper, freshman, Pe Ell

Alise Rohr, senior, South Bend

Izzy Silvernail, sophomore, Raymond

Honorable Mention

Zaira Medina, junior, South Bend

Sequoia Turner, 8th grade, Life Christian

Ramona Gallegos, junior, Chief Leschi

Gretchen Stottlemyre, junior, NW Christian

Camie Swartz, junior, Willapa Valley

Emily Snider, senior, Ocosta

Cynthia LaPlante, senior, Chief Leschi

Estella Sheldon, senior, Ilwaco

Latelynn Wheldon, senior, Ilwaaco

Layne Martin, senior, Ocosta

Coach of the Year: Jarrod Plummer, Chief Leschi

Team Sportsmanship Award: South Bend

2B Boys

Central League


Bryce Cline, senior, Winlock

1st Team

Broc Keeton, Toutle Lake

Jake Leitz, Wahkiakum

Jackson Esary, Kalama

Braden Thomas, Adna

Carter Whitehead, Onalaska

2nd Team

Coleson Richendollar, Winlock

Zach Swanson, Toutle Lake

Hayden Young, Morton-White Pass

Kayden Allison, Onalaska

Keith Olson, Napavine

3rd Team

Carlo Arceo-Hansen, Toledo

Chase Collins, Adna

Cade Evander, Napavine

Josh Salguero, Morton-White Pass

Logan LaBerge, Wahkiakukm

Honorable Mention

Ryder Moss, Toutle Lake

Noah Patching, Winlock

Tommy Brandenburg, Kalama

Ashton Haight, Onalaska

Jake Jeske, Rainier (WA)

Coach of the Year: Eric Swanson

Pacific League


Omari Maulana, junior, Life Christian

1st Team

Logan Walker, junior, Willapa Valley

Noah Phillips, senior, NW Christian

Tre’ Seydel, sophomore, Raymond

Cole Hatton, senior, Ocosta

Parker Kaech, senior, Ilwaco

2nd Team

Chae Haynes, sophomore, Life Christian

Landon Koukal, junior, NW Christian

Chad Flemetis, senior, Willapa Valley

Bradley Swillie, sophomore, Life Christian

Joe Nisbett, senior, Ilwaco

3rd Team

Daniel Whiting, senior, Ilwaco

Perry Joseph, junior, Chief Leschi

Josh Bighead, sophomore, North Beach

Wikiyan Cuny, sophomore, Chief Leschi

Daishaun Nichols, sophomore, Life Christian

Honorable Mention

Calvin Baze, senior, Ilwaco

Reagan Harnagy, senior, North Beach

Jude Phillips, junior, NW Christian

Max Smith, senior, Pe Ell

Omar Luque, junior, Ocosta

Kobe Rudolph, junior, Ocosta

Beau Buchanan, junior, Willapa Valley

Nathon Ashley, junior, South Bend

Allen Deniston, senior, Willapa Valley

Jeremiah Yost, senior, Pe Ell

Damian Roy, senior, Chief Leschi

McCartney Maden, senior, Raymond

Kollin Jurek, junior, Pe Ell

Jaden Turner, sophomore, Ilwaco

Mayson Estle, senior, South Bend

Bubba Douglas, senior, Ilwaco

Carter Pearson, senior, Willapa Valley

Coach of the Year: Rick Tiggs, NW Christian

Team Sportsmanship Award: Pe Ell

1B Girls

Columbia Valley League


Jackie Steenerson, senior, Naselle

Leah Pearson, sophomore, Columbia Adventist

1st Team

Peyton Dalton, sophomore, Naselle

Maddie Dietrich, sophomore, Columbia Adventist

Brenna Sherill, sophomore, Columbia Adventist

Kendal Newport, junior, Three Rivers Christian

Emma McKenney, senior, Washington School for the Deaf

2nd Team

Kaylin Shrives, freshman, Naselle

Lauren Katyryniuk, freshman, Naselle

Bella Columbo, freshman, Naselle

LeAnne Clearbrook, sophomore, Washington School for the Deaf

Jessie Tevis, junior, Three Rivers Christian

Honorable Mention

Kaylena Morrison, senior, Three Rivers Christian

Emma Heinrich, freshman, Columbia Adventist

Janet Tuz-Manrique, freshman, Washington School for the Deaf

Lauren Wegner, sophomore, Columbia Adventist

Coach of the Year: Ron Spratlen, Washington School for the Deaf

Team Sportsmanship Award: Washington School for the Deaf

1B Boys

Columbia Valley League


Ethan Lindstrom, senior, Naselle

1st Team

Kolby Glenn, junior, Naselle

Corey Gregory, senior, Naselle

Ryan Ransom, senior, Three Rivers Christian

Wyatt Richards, senior, Three Rivers Christian

Juan Ramirez, senior, Washington School for the Deaf

2nd Team

Jimmy Strange, junior, Naselle

Chase Haataia, senior, Naselle

Dennis Lin, senior, Three Rivers Christian

Wylee Rogers, senior, Washington School for the Deaf

Jose Ramirez, senior, Washington School for the Deaf

Honorable Mention:

Dossen Morrow, 8th grade, Three Rivers Christian

Trey Hart, sophomore, Washington School for the Deaf

Kevin Diaz, sophomore, Washington School for the Deaf

Levi Carlton, freshman, Columbia Adventist

Coach of the Year: Bill Olsen, Naselle

Team Sportsmanship Award: Columbia Adventist

3A Oregon Girls

Coastal Range League


Shelby Blodgett, Rainier

1st Team

Shelby Blodgett, junior, Clatskanie

Olivia Sprague, junior, Clatskanie

Kaya McLean, junior, Willamina

Kira Rankin, junior, Willamina

McKenzey Ramsey, senior, Warrenton

2nd Team

Alexis Smith, junior, Clatskanie

Cloee McLeod, sophomore, Clatskanie

Piper Shrabel, sophomore, Willamina

Autumn Ellis, senior, Taft

Kalli Budge, sophomore, Rainier

Emma Coulter, senior, Taft

Honorable Mention

Kaity Sizemore, junior, Clatskanie

Anna Martin, senior, Clatskanie

Hanna Farrell, senior, Rainier

Melia Kapua, senior, Warrenton

Avyree Miethe, sophomore, Warrenton

Clara Tolan, junior, Taft

Chloe Peterson, sophomore, Taft

Grace France, sophomore, Willamina

Coach of the Year: Tom Anderson, Willamina

3A Oregon Boys

Coastal Range League

1st Team


Conner Rea, Rainier

1st Team

Conner Rea, senior, Rainier

Kenney Tripp, sophomore, Rainier

Dawson Everson, senior, Clatskanie

Devin Jackson, senior, Warrenton

Kaleb Floyd, junior, Willamina

2nd Team

Easton Crape, senior, Rainier

Jonathan, Morovec, senior, Clatskanie

Lucas Hirdman, senior, Taft

Dom Briant, junior, Willamina

Austin Little, senior, Warrenton

Coach of the Year: Logan Nelson, Rainier


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