The Ilwaco Fisherman truly went for a swim during their soccer match against Ocosta Wednesday. With the field quickly turning into a lake faster than the girls could run, the Fisherman lost 1-0 against the Wildcats.

In their first year in the 2B Pacific league, second year as a team, Ilwaco is 1-5 and 4-9. The last time the lady Fisherman met the Wildcats, they went 7-0.

“I think it went well. We held them to one in this awful condition,” Elle Personius said.

“I think it went amazing. We played them earlier this season and to bring that down to 1-0, they’ve come a long ways this season. It’s been awesome to see,” Coach Andrew Goodwin said.

The persistent rain throughout the game made for a quite a show. Girls waded through puddles inches deep, often slipping and sliding down the field as if it was a hot summer day and the sprinklers were on.

The audience chuckled every time the ball found its way to the lake in the corner of the field, making it nearly impossible to pass it back out because of the drag the water put on the ball.

“Our passing game got so much better. I’m so proud of us. It was a challenge, but it was kind of fun,” Personius said.

The conditions in the game were the worst the team has played in by far, Goodwin said.

“We’ve had a couple rainy games, but this is a whole other level right now,” he said.

The water usually drains away before the game, he said.

“It slowed both of us (teams) down, so it’s hard to say what it would’ve been like if we didn’t have the rain,” Goodwin said. “It definitely slowed the game down and gave us time to make some more decisions. Gave us some opportunities to score there.”

While the girls were thoroughly soaked and covered in mud, most had smiles on their faces as they splashed across the field. The team has been working on defense strategies and it showed.

“We really worked on holding our formation on defensive and midfield. I think that really showed tonight that we’ve been working on it,” Goodwin said.

Now, they want to focus on improving their movement with the ball, according to Personius.

“Being first to the ball, I think we’re getting beat. Not because we’re slower than the other team. We have the speed, we just aren’t accelerating,” Personius said.

The team is hoping they can put more goals in during the next game against Toledo, Goodwin said.

“I think we need to work on crossing the ball across the field to create more scoring opportunity,” Goodwin said.

Ilwaco travels to Toledo at 6 p.m. Monday.

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