Ilwaco team preview

While the entire offensive line is returning to the Ilwaco High School football team, head coach Sean Cease said he is excited to see what the new freshman bring to the team. 

After a decent first year as head coach, Sean Cease is returning to Ilwaco High School with more knowledge of his team and a plan to keep the team winning.

“I expect us to be at least a five-win team. That’s about where we were last year and we have a good core (group) of kids coming back. Now that I’ve been here for a year they know what to expect from me a little bit more,” Cease said.

Last season the team went 5-4, but Cease is hoping that having a large returning group mixed with more team bonding can help bring home more wins.

“We have a decent senior group coming back with a little bit of experience. Hopefully they can bond a little bit more, we can be a little bit more of a team than we were last year,” Cease said.

For Cease, a big part of that is just knowing the team. Cease said he now has a better handle on who each player is as a person and what to expect from them.

“I do know what to expect. I do know who my hot heads are, who the kids I can go to are, who can take a little bit extra pressure. It makes it a lot easier. I know what I’m going to get out of certain athletes and when to push them and when to hold back a little bit,” Cease said.

Cease named Parker Kaech and Trevor Hutson as a few of the players he is planning on leaning on this year for leadership. He said he is expecting both to have a really good year and help lead the team to be their best.

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Hutson said the leadership is something he is looking forward to doing. While Cease is focusing on building the team bonding aspect, Hutson said he wants to help build the teams physicality.

“I just want us to keep getting faster and stronger and just keep getting more physical,” Hutson said.

While the senior class will have a large presence on the field, Cease said he is also excited about the large group of incoming freshman and returning sophomores.

“We have about 14 freshman that have come out. I’m excited to see what they can do. There’s some of those guys that I think will do pretty well. We need to have a good year out of the sophomores that are coming back too,” Cease said.

The key for all of this to work out and lead to more wins is mindset, according to Cease. He said there will be a big emphasis on being all around good people, not just players.

“The focus is on what’s best for the team on the field and off the field. Not making poor decisions in the classroom or in personal lives when they’re not here. That’s probably our biggest focus. It’s not so much X’s and O’s, its making good decisions that don’t hurt the team, don’t hurt the school and don’t hurt the individuals,” Cease said.

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