With quick feet, fast snaps and a running clock starting in the first quarter, Naselle swept Taholah 56-0. The Comets didn’t allow one touchdown from the Chitwins, who requested a running clock after being down 38-0.

The Comets came out strong. Ethan Lindstrom threw to Jason Harman for a 35 yard touchdown. Lindstrom then ran it in for the extra two points.

Quickly after, Lindstrom passed 48 to Fa’aoso Tutu’u, who brought it to the end zone. Joey Strange ran in the two-point conversion. Strange then made a 47 yard run followed by Tutu’u for a conversion. All within the first four minutes of the game.

“We executed early. It really helped getting the onsides. We really kept it rolling, doing what we got to do,” Lindstrom said.

Part of that execution was using every minute possible to make plays. The Comets wanted as must playoff practice as possible, coach Jeff Eaton said.

The Chitwins asked to start the running clock after being down 30-0. Eaton said he told the refs it could start after the Comets made one more touchdown because they “needed the play time.”

On the next play after that exchange, Lindstrom ran 39 yards to the end zone, and Strange made the conversion. The running clock started ticking away.

“We shut it down, a running clock at halftime…I expected there would be more of a game this time. I thought they would give us a tougher game here. I wish they would have, but it’s all right,” Eaton said.

Lindstrom didn’t stop. He came back in the second quarter and ran it in to bring the tally to 44-0.

“We did good. We did what we were supposed to do. We worked on where we’re supposed to block, how we’re supposed to block, our plays. I think that really helped,” Strange said.

The Comets had a well formulated plan every snap. They rarely left room for error. If you didn’t count, you’d think there were 11 guys on the field, not eight.

“We’re working hard on the defense. We did a lot better tonight. Our defensive ends came in a lot better besides like one time. They’re quarterback is a good and he’s a good athlete but he didn’t have much help,” Eaton said.

With Jimmy Strange and Gabe Gilbert currently out, Eaton and the team are just waiting to be at full capacity again.

“We need our guys back. We going to stick with our stuff and hopefully it’ll be good,” Joey Strange said.

“We can be pretty stout when we have everybody in there. I tried to get them to slow down a step (tonight). They just went after it,” Eaton said.

But all of this is just preparation for playoffs. Games like this are just for perfecting their plays, Lindstrom said.

“This isn’t what we were going for, its playoff time,” Lindstrom said. “We got bigger dreams.”

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