The Daily News’ sports section is facing big changes in the coming weeks. It will challenge the way we approach local coverage; what questions we ask in our interviews; and where you can find, see and read all the great work our staff does. It also will change what national and regional content makes our daily sections and how we make sure readers know what’s going on with the Mariners or the Trail Blazers.

It will be different. But we still take a ton of pride in our sports section, and we still will be there to see our local teams raise trophies. We will continue to work hard into the night to tell those stories of triumph, heartbreak and passion. We just have to tell them in different ways and on different platforms.

With all that out of the way, here are some of the changes we’re making with earlier print deadlines:

  • Local game recaps are moving to online. With most of our games not ending until after print deadlines, we are going to produce shorter game recaps online at tdnpreps.com for preps or tdn.com/sports for Lower Columbia College. Then in the following paper, we will have what we call a “folo” in the newspaper business. This could be a profile of a player, a breakdown of a trend or a preview of an upcoming game depending on the situation. This will allow us to go beyond the boxscore to give you newsworthy information in print two days later, while still allowing readers who care about the specifics a spot to view them online.
  • On a related note, prep and area roundups will be moved to online as well. We often receive calls between 7 and 10 p.m. most nights, with the later time now falling after our new print deadline. That means our roundups will be presented in an online-only format. This will allow us to go a little bit longer on our write-ups at tdnpreps.com. To supplement this with something for print readers, we will be compiling “weekly roundups,” which will appear in Tuesday editions and feature the top athletes, stats and notable moments from the past week.
  • This is also how we will handle our regional recaps as well. With Mariners, Blazers and most of our college games getting done after print deadlines, we will try to pull more features and profiles from our wire services for daily print editions. All of the game recaps will be posted online at tdn.com/sports. Then in weekly roundups of each team, we will compile the most noteworthy moments and stories of the week for print editions. The boxscores still will run in the print editions in the most immediate paper they are available.
  • Speaking of boxscores and agate, we will have more space to run the small type. For the baseball fans who have been begging us to bring back linescores, we will have the space to do so now.
  • The other bonus we get with this change to earlier deadlines is getting to use more of the intriguing designs our special presentation team puts together. The Ichiro package that ran in Friday’s paper, for instance, allows us to illustrate things in unique ways that look better on the page. For people who enjoy more of the feature and profile-type stories over the game recaps, you’ll delight in some of the stuff we’re able to get in the paper with this big change.

All of this is going to be a learning curve for us, and what gets in the paper and how we tell stories may shift and be tweaked as we see what works and what doesn’t. We are taking it one day at a time right now, and so how this looks come Memorial Day weekend, with all of our state events and NWAC Baseball Championships taking place, could be drastically different than it does Tuesday. The only thing that remains unwavering is our dedication to providing readers with the most interesting stories related to the Lower Columbia-area sports community.

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Sports Editor

Joshua is the sports editor for The Daily News. He joined the staff in January 2016 after working at The Bellingham Herald. He is a Western Washington University graduate and native of the Puget Sound region.

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