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About Rightline Equipment

Design to a higher standard

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Thousands of material handling professionals rely on Rightline Equipment as their preferred supplier of innovative, rugged and reliable lift truck attachments. Providing superior performance at competitive prices for more than thirty years, Rightline continues to build on its fundamental principals of engineering excellence, precision production and genuine customer service.

Entering a marketplace dominated by a large public corporation, Rightline recognized opportunity for a responsive company focused on engineering and structured for flexible manufacturing. Rightline Equipment, Inc. was founded by Jerry D. Hamlik in December of 1971 with the belief that lift truck dealers and manufacturers would welcome a supplier capable of providing both exceptionally high quality products and consistent, on-time delivery. A corporate culture prioritizing engineering and manufacturing development ahead of redundant sales personnel and traditional management layers allows Rightline to maintain high standards without high prices. Discerning customers appreciate the lasting value of attachments crafted with Rightline's emphasis on performance and the unmatched ability to solve problems with specifications specifically tailored for unique applications.

The Rightline production system begins with state-of-the-art design and continues with material control and manufacturing protocols devised to insure maximum flexibility throughout the process without sacrificing complete analysis, documentation and product support. Proprietary software created by Rightline developers provides parts control, imaging and publication functions integrated with in-house FEA (finite element analysis), CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) capabilities. Even custom attachments ship with short lead time and include complete parts manuals. Cylinders, valve bodies, rotator drives and nearly all incorporated components are manufactured by Rightline to insure ongoing service parts availability.

Though Rightline has grown to become the largest privately held attachment manufacturer in the United States, we never forget the importance of each and every customer. One-hundred percent of the stock remains owned by the Hamlik family and you benefit from the knowledgeable, personal service of a family business combined with the technical expertise, production resources and customer support of a well established manufacturer.

The firm is conservatively managed for long term success and has been consistently profitable throughout its history. Free from obligations to external investors, Rightline remains focused on customer satisfaction and is well positioned for continued future growth as the select source for world class lift truck attachments.

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