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Daniel Haghighi DDS is a Longview, WA dental office that utilizes the latest technology in dental. At our practice, we place an emphasis on comprehensive oral health care for the entire family and reconstructive implant dentistry for patients missing some or all of their dentition. 

We provide our patients a full scope of oral health services. Additionally, our doctors, who have completed several years of hospital training, are able to complete most specialty procedures right here in the office.

All of our office treatment operatories are modern, spacious, and private. Our sterilization center is strictly monitored and utilizes hospital grade sterilizers and other modern equipment to help provide the safest environment for our patients and staff.

Patients requiring emergent dental care are evaluated and, in many cases, treated on the same day they call. For patients of record, we provide after-hour calls, and if treatment is needed, we can provide it seven days a week.


For more information, visit our website at www.lcoh.net or give us a call at 360-636-3400.

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Robert Williams

My experience with Dr. Wise was extremely positive.

Dr. Wise removed the four impacted wisdom teeth for my granddaughter in half an hour. The second day she went to college like nothing had happened other than a small swelling barely noticeable. A couple of months ago, I was with another granddaughter doing the same procedure in another office in Longview. the dentist took two hours and left her in severe pain for two weeks. When I asked Dr. Wise how he did the four surgeries in half an hour while it took the other doctor two hours, he said that dentist was probable a general dentist not a surgeon.

Dr. Wise was very humble and straightforward. I wonder why some believed rumors said by disgruntled employees over the past two weeks.

Dr. Wise is very talented. My granddaughter who was dentophobic and has autism said that she never felt the injection he gave her.

Brittaney Canster

My sister is disabled on Medicaid. All other offices kicked her out because they get compensated by medicaid very little, almost free services as I was told. Dr, Wise spent more than one hour examining her, educating her for sleep apnea and the joint problem TMJ. Then, when he realized that she couldn't pay him anything, he offered to put four implants for her at no cost whatsoever.

He was very busy going back and forth between patients, but he was caring and polite. He's awesome and extremely knowledgeable.

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