Charli XCX: Instagram is the curated version of life
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Charli XCX thinks Instagram is the "curated version of life".

The 27-year-old singer has been more candid than ever with her latest album, 'Charli' - and she admits it marks a significant deviation from what most celebrities post on their social media accounts.

She explained: "I'm a very honest person, and if I feel something, I probably say it. If I'm feeling any nervousness, or having a low day, then I say so.

"Instagram is the curated version of life, all the best bits, but sometimes we all have bad days and I think when I say stuff about it people can relate.

"It makes them think, 'Oh OK, so it's OK to feel this way'.

"I've always written songs from experience, but this album is more about emotions and my mental health, all the ups and downs of my emotions.

"Releasing something so personal does feel vulnerable, but I think what I've learned is that it is good to be vulnerable, it's healthy. Everyone is human."

Charli's new album features the likes of Lizzo, Troye Sivan, Sky Ferreira, Christine and The Queens, and Haim.

But still, the pop star regrets not yet collaborating with Swedish singer Robyn or Britney Spears.

She told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "I love her, she is my dream, but we just couldn't get together.

"But my ultimate collaboration dream is Britney Spears - the seven-year-old me would just die."

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