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What then?

The recent advisory votes to repeal all of the taxes passed by the Legislature reveals that democracy is “me oriented.”

I would add that democracy is also “present oriented” and cares little about the future. The approaching crisis in Social Security clearly illustrates this assertion.

The $30 license tab measure produced a big tax break for the wealthy who could afford luxury cars and high tab costs. But, because implementing it meant a modest savings for the average citizen, it enjoyed popular support. Interestingly, many of those who voted for the license tax savings complain about the poor condition of our streets and highways and are livid if a gasoline tax increase is proposed.

Maybe this explains why democracies seem to always fail after a couple of centuries. People find they can vote away taxes and at the same time vote in benefits for themselves and others. They seem to have little regard for the consequences. The national debt will soon be too huge to maintain. What then?

Dan Myers


Sick pay

All employees, with a few exceptions, who work in Washington are entitled to paid sick leave.

As an employee working at minimum wage, I was excited to know when I miss work due to being sick I could count on sick pay.

However, my experience with sick pay has been not so great. I have my documents showing I saw my doctor but because it wasn’t dated on the day I called in sick, I didn’t receive my sick pay.

I go to the Family Health Center in Kelso and wasn’t able to get in that day. I had to wait two days for an appointment. My document didn’t state what I saw the doctor for so my document wasn’t accepted for my sick pay. I brought in my document showing what my doctor’s diagnosis was: diabetes. Still they had a problem with the dates.

I won’t use my sick pay again. I thought it was there to help the hard-working people. I guess it just depends on whether your employer decides to accept them or not.

Sarah Welsh


Bureaucratic minefield

Boy, were we duped big time by the state’s failure to ensure that the Sales Tax Refund would be simple for Oregonians to apply.

The original Special Notice (Page 2) dated May 31, 2019, included the following statements: “BUYERS. They should keep their receipts to submit with their refund request.”

“REFUND requests. The refund request must include copies of receipts and proof of qualified nonresidency.”

Simple enough for most, but here is what ensued — a bureaucratic minefield with a host of changes. The regulations now stipulate the following: “Eligibility requirements Copies of receipts with the eligible purchases circled.”

“Before you apply, create electronic copies of receipts with eligible charges circled.”

Apply online (Here one must click on log in. Then sign up, etc., etc.

Then after a number of registration requirements it requires under “Receipt Information” the following: …..enter the following information for each receipt. Purchase date, purchase location, seller’s name, receipt number, list of items purchased, and purchase price (before tax).

Simple?! This alone is enough to ensure that this family highly considers other alternatives when shopping in Southwest Washington.

Paul Nys



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