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Letters to the Editor

Wrong for the planet

On Jan. 29, Gov. Inslee rejected the proposed oil train terminal in Vancouver.

I want to thank the governor for his decision. He said no to an additional 50 million tons of CO2 that would have been added to our atmosphere. He said no to the additional toxic and hazardous chemicals that would have further polluted our air.

Gov. Inslee said no, the people of Vancouver, and especially neighborhoods such as Fruit Valley, do not deserve to be sacrificed to higher rates of asthma, cancer, stroke and heart disease.

He said no to a powerful industry with a terrible safety record and disregard for the human cost of doing “business as usual” — a business that is stuck in the last century.

I thank Gov. Inslee for listening to the people who submitted more than 1.3 million comments against this project. I was proud to be chosen to deliver the 311,125 comments that came from Vancouver alone.

I am saying thank you to Gov. Inslee for saying no to this project that is wrong for Vancouver, wrong for the state of Washington, and wrong for the planet.

Alona Steinke


Support for TDN

Every morning my wife and I enjoy reading The Daily News (TDN) for about $1.25 per issue. It is delivered to our doorstep regardless of the weather. People complain that TDN costs too much but think nothing of spending $2 or more for a cup of coffee.

The Daily News is a great source for local, national and international news. It keeps us informed of local events, school happenings, sports news, comics, travel and leisure news, as well as obituaries. It also contains coupons, which,quite frankly, could offset part of the cost of the newspaper. The Daily News is in a simple, easy to read format. Letters to the Editor are published regardless of whether they are kind to the newspaper or whether they attack the newspaper.

Like newspapers around the country, The Daily News has a financial crunch that is causing the future of the newspaper to be in jeopardy. The Daily News may make minor mistakes as hours and staff have been cut due to financial issues. TDN has been published since 1923, and we cannot afford to lose it. If TDN goes away, so will the electronic version as well as the free app that is available online. We must support our TDN!

It is even more important to support our local newspaper in the current climate of President Trump’s crying “fake news’” a record 167 times in an effort to undermine the credibility of the media. Our founding fathers warned that freedom of the press was a key pillar of democracy. History shows that one of the first priorities of previous dictators such as Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Joseph Stalin was to undermine the credibility of the media in the minds of the people.

Bill Kasch


Landfill profit?

I agree with Mr. Mike Phillips’ letter concerning how can a private contractor managing the landfill provide the proposed $5 million upgrades needed and make a profit? The landfill, from the reports I’ve seen, is $4 million over its expenses at its current operation. Upgrades can be phased in over time to meet new regulations enacted. I too would like to know where their profit could come from? The grass is greener on the other side of the fence until you get there then the brick wall appears and our dollars will keep building that stronger fence.

Marvin Raynor

Castle Rock

Solve the problem

To the gun lobby: With great freedom comes great responsibility. You need to solve the problem of gun deaths in this country. Prayers are a sham. Come up with some concrete methods you can live with.

George Robertson