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Thank you, state Sen. Dean Takko, for voting to ban bump stocks. state Rep. Brian Blake’s reason for voting against it because “it was mostly symbolic” would be dismaying to those who had loved ones killed in the Las Vegas shooting last year. How many people may have lived if the shooter was unable to fire so many rounds? And state Rep. Jim Walsh’s reasoning is irresponsible.

Look at the statistics that compare our gun deaths to other countries that practice gun control. Our record is outrageous!

Clearly, private citizens should not be able to own semi-automatic weapons.

Coming from a family of hunters where gun safety was emphasized repeatedly, I support gun ownership. But as a gun owner, I would not mind if I was unable to take possession of a gun for a significant waiting period if it would mean that it would save lives.

We will never be able to curb violence. But if one cannot easily reach for a loaded gun, lives will be spared, and we’ll be living in a better world.

Isn’t it worth it?

Sue Hinshaw