I would like to address the Cowlitz County community. My heart is heavy as I'm sure many of yours are following the tragic loss of a fine and distinguished officer, Deputy DeRosier. The tragedy is greater than it appears on the surface. The circumstance that brought this about is all too common in our society today.

What troubles me most is the underlying cause. The hopelessness of many around us struggling to hold life together. Violence in the home, emotional degradation from abuse in various forms, the kidnapping of our youth by social media (displaying racial hate, sexual misconduct and violence in an acceptable manner). I see the unfortunate wandering our streets with lifeless and dark countenances carrying all they have in the world with them. There must be a way to give them back their hope.

Being a man of faith, I would like to encourage every soul in this county to take a moment each day, say at 6 p.m., to ask your Lord to shine on all of us here in this county. Every faith should be able to join in this endeavor. I would invite the law enforcement community to join with the community with this endeavor. I once took a homicide class from Lt. Cmdr. Vernon J. Geberth, homicide, NYPD. When a student answered a question correctly, he would hand them a plaque of which I kept on my desk till I retired. It stated, "Remember — We work for God."

Michael R. Walley


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