I’m grateful for the teachers, administrators and staff we have at Woodland Public Schools.

Having just served on the Woodland School Board for the last six years, I have a great appreciation for what it takes to keep the school district running and the kinds of sacrifices that are made on a day-to-day basis to offer our children a high quality educational experience.

In the coming weeks, the Woodland community will see a request for a new replacement Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) presented as a ballot resolution. The proposed EP&O Levy for Woodland Public Schools bridges the gap in funding not provided by the state of Washington.

Local funding is essential because the state only pays for 87.5% of the total education cost of Woodland Public Schools.

This three-year replacement EP&O levy will provide 12.5% of the funds needed to continue the current operation of Woodland Public Schools.

I urge you to consider voting “YES” on this resolution. Please pass this information on to others in the community.

Matt Donald


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