I want to know why we let the lobbyists run our government. I question the role lobbyists perform in our country and I wonder how many others pay attention t the part the lobbyists play.

We have permitted our state legislature and Congress to allow the lobbyists to deliver approval to the landowners and developers to charge any amount of rent they want. My rent almost was doubled when new owners took over the gated senior manufactured home park where I live. Congress has allowed lobbyists to take control, increasing profits for capitalist corporations.

I have heard from many people that this procedure cannot be changed. I don't believe it is democratic since the people do not vote for the lobbyists. Congress is supposed to listen to the constituents and protect the American people. I am sure the wealthy are not anxious to change the system, but I want to know how his procedure can be corrected.

Our government has been in the process of abolishing all controls, deregulating all safety nets, checks and balances for the profit of the few. The branches of government should work together for the common good, not just to line the pockets of the wealthy.

I support Bernie Sanders because he is willing to take on Wall Street and the 1%, and bring equity to our nation.

Carl W. Mattila


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