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In the 1800s, white critters invading Africa stole so much land that, today, black Africans now own only 4 percent of the land in South Africa. Likewise, starting from Jamestown in 1607, white critters slaughtered Native Americans all across the continent and put the small remnants on reservations. In 19th century slang, an "Indian reservation" was "a worthless piece of land surrounded by white thieves."

About 47 white farmers were killed in South Africa last year. To be sure that Ku Klux Klan voters turn out in large numbers in November, Trump is tweeting about "large scale killings" of white farmers in South Africa.

If real justice still prevailed, the rightful owners of South America, North America, Australia and Africa would put all the white critters in a box and ship 'em back to Europe, where they belong. Being cowardly and greedy, I must confess that I do not want complete real justice. My Daddy came from Norway. Today, I do not know a single person there who would now greet me with, "Welcome back to Stavanger, fellow white critter."

L.S. Wagle


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