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The people are told by the news programs about Monica Lewinsky, now on the news talking about Clinton. We the people mostly are not concerned about her consensual sex. The Republicans surprised me by trying to get him out of office with that. He was actually doing more damage to this country than any president in history. It had nothing to do with sex, which is a religious issue. The drop of regulations to banking and Wall-Street, those and all the free trade deals destroyed America but made the top 1 percent all at the peak of capitalism. After Clinton, Republican Dick Cheney was a big loss to the country, mostly the Northwest. Then came Obama; he was responsible for the 2008 bail out of banking. Not one of these white collar criminals was prosecuted. Then the Democrats ran Hillary against Trump She is a copy of Bill Clinton. We the people got shot again and again. What choice do we the people really have?

M.L. Colburn


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