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Letters to the Editor

Way of life

In days of old people had to stay busy working to survive. Today’s idle time creates boredom. Boredom creates a dissatisfied life that can cause catastrophic actions. Negative news can cause disrupted thinking and bring harm’s way to today’s society. So many bad things going on worldwide but the USA is our concern and we have the power to make it well. Copycats and mentality come out of the woodwork causing a loss of lives for fame etc. Cellphones have become a dependent way of communication that can cause many adverse conditions to thoughts through texting and voice. So much hate for everything brings the USA to the very bottom of its capability. Dreams of being successful and comfortable in life have been ignored for many Americans. Our way of life in America was paved by dreamers and hard workers through the inventions of the production for our mobility and so much more. Our future is in the future generation’s hands, literally! Parents, bring up your children for their part in America’s solid great future.

Ernie Gerald


Congress for sale

The Senate is approaching a vote on an amended tax plan. It is difficult to see how the richest Americans need tax relief. We have seen the greatest concentration of wealth and inequality of income in human history under the current plan. The past tax forgiveness plans for overseas profits have only enriched CEOs because they used the money for stock buybacks thereby raising their pay. Not only that, they did not result in job growth. The middle and working class will pay for this travesty with continued lack of investment in infrastructure, decaying healthcare, further wealth inequality, and increased taxes. This reform movement is simply a payback for the billions invested by the richest Americans for the best Congress money can buy.

Mike Phillips


Trickle down

Legislation being pushed by the Republicans will clearly add over $1 trillion to the federal deficit. To offset this disaster, the GOP will try to do two things. First, they will offer us the old lie that tax cuts to businesses and the wealthy will “trickle down” to the middle class. That didn’t work before, as “Reaganomics” and the more recent Kansas debacle clearly proved. Most economists predict that tax breaks to businesses from the GOP tax plan will go to increased dividends, stock buybacks, or increased cash holdings that just won’t “trickle down.” More disturbing, the American worker will see few if any benefits from the Republican tax plan. There will be no automatic raises, no hiring binge (the economy is already at 95.8 percent employment), and the tax cuts for individuals making less than $75,000 are meager at best and temporary. However, the big tax cuts for the wealthy and for businesses are permanent and will significantly contribute to a widening of the already horrendous wealth gap in America. Second, since the fake economics behind the Republican tax cut will actually explode the deficit, other budget reductions will become necessary. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other critical social assistance programs will be falsely attacked by the Republicans as the cause of the deficit and will receive budget cuts to compensate for the tax cuts given to the wealthy and businesses.

Alan Howard


Record of success

Council member Mary Jane Melink’s guest editorial praising the local Housing Authority was right on the mark. This is an agency that the general public doesn’t hear much about. One reason they rarely make the news is that they do their job so well. Because of their successful track record they have been requested by cities and counties outside of Longview to manage projects for them.

Most of this success and growth has come during the leadership of Chris Peg, supported by a dedicated board of directors.

Council member Melink mentions the outstanding citizens who are currently serving on the board. One member in particular, Wayne Ostermiller, has volunteered his time and expertise since the early 1980s – likely a record for the state.

Volunteerism is a part of our American culture and no less so here in Cowlitz County. But it can be fragile if the citizens who are devoting their time are treated with disdain by elected officials.

The mayor of Longview would do well to support the continued success and legacy of the Housing Authority and spend his time focusing on issues that are real problems.

George Raiter