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In the Nov. 28 edition of The Daily News, some Longview officials thought that our new $807,000 gazebo was just great.

I went to R.A. Long Park yesterday to see what an $807,000 gazebo would look like. I was appalled at what I saw for the price and time wasted by the contractor.

The statue of R.A. Long was removed from his namesake park so the city could waste taxpayer money on this exorbitant plain gazebo. R.A. Long is across the street.

Taxpayers, if you care at all about what your taxes are used for in Longview, stop by and see this small 30-by-30-foot plain Jane waste of money. I am sure that the town fathers would say that the gazebo was built with free money because it was grant money. There is no such thing as free money because the source of that money is the taxpayer. I hope the taxpayers will remember this and the other city wastage come next election day.

Also, in the same paper, the PUD commissioners gave the PUD head a 15 percent or $32,000 raise. He now makes $246,000 a year. Are you citizens OK with that? I sure am not!

Ken Spring


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