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Letters to the Editor

Waste not

So many students going to school hungry and then staying hungry as they don’t have the funds to purchase school meals. Why are schools bagging up and throwing away perfectly good food? Meals that could be given to those students in need, food that food banks could pick up. Nothing should be thrown away that could benefit someone.

Something is wrong with the system that doesn’t allow this to happen. I had a friend that worked in the central cafeteria and she said they bag up the unused food and throw it away. That is so wrong!

Even grocery stores donate day-old bread, etc. to food banks. If I had a child in school and were paying for their lunches, I would not be upset to learn that others got it for free. I would be happy to know they were helping others less fortunate.

Terri Carter


Past actions

If people of this country want to know what happened to bring us to this in the economy, it mainly was Bill Clinton. The following list of his actions as president destroyed this country.



3. The Pacific Free Trade agreements

4. The canceling of the Glass-Stegall Act. That deregulated the banks and we ended up in 2008 bailing out, at taxpayers’ expense, thousands of bankrupt banks.

The free trade agreements allowed all the companies producing products to move their production to countries with poverty labor and no working benefits, they then re-imported them with no import tax. Profit was increased by huge, huge amounts. Middle-class, blue-collar workers here were deleted. Most jobs now pay minimum wage. The tax on income to the treasury is next to nothing. The super rich put their money in sanctuaries outside of the U.S.

Then comes Vice-President Dick Cheney. He held closed-door energy meetings with no ”minutes” of who attended or what and how things were going to happen. We the people applied the Freedom of Information Act to gain access to the meeting and Cheney, backed by the Supreme Court, refused to release the minutes.

He took all the surplus power from the northwest and BPA and gave it to Enron to sell to California. All the CEOs of Enron went to jail for scamming California.

Now rather than Hillary we have Donald Trump; both of these are more destruction to the country. We will not go forth with either one.

M.L. Colburn Sr.


Out of pocket

The Longview School Board is apparently not able to ask the voters who opposed the school bond why we opposed it. We should elect people who can talk to us. The board must believe money is free, because they want to employ a consultant to ask opposition voters why they voted against the bond.

The board should spend all the tax money to help our kids be ready for the rest of their lives. The consultant would simply take tax money to find excuses why the board made the right decision but didn’t do a good job of selling the bond.

I will certainly withdraw this opposition if the board members pay for the consultant out of their own pocket, with their own money.

Bill Hallanger


Global warning

Fifteen thousand climate scientists warning to humanity: Bridge-high mountains of coal is not what we need. Coal is on it’s way out. I am so thankful for educated people. What good is a handful of jobs if the planet is spent? I want our children to breathe fresh air and our fish to have decent water to live in. The high cancer rates and asthma rates need to go DOWN not UP.

Sherry Davis