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Letters: Voting rights

Letters: Voting rights


I did not vote for Rep. Jim Walsh or Cowlitz County commissioner Arne Mortenson for two specific reasons: They both seem to represent only the people who agree with their platform and the people who don't have any representation, and they support the platform of the Republican party that appears to be doing everything they can nationwide to suppress voting rights.

Agree with me or not. When you do the research, you will find that voting rights are under fire all over this country in states controlled by Republicans.

Which brings me to my other question. Why do those of you mostly on the right rant about freedom to choose wearing a mask while apparently turning your back on the people's right to vote? I understand those rights are to keep the poor and minority folks from voting, but is the power to control more important than a person's constitutional right to vote? Maybe it's just that you only support what helps the Republican platform and this comes from a moderate independent. It's truly confusing.

Dale Davis


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