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Jim Walsh above the law? Or is he hiding the truth?

My name is Jeff Nichols, president of the Twin Harbors Central Labor Council AFL-CIO. Jim has an abysmal voting record on labor issues (29 percent) overall. When ads for Jim recently began appearing in my social media feed, I began to question him on his record. At first he attempted to belittle me, but when I persisted, and quoted actual House and Senate bills he voted no on, he deleted and blocked my comments. In November 2017 the ACLU notified all elected officials statewide of federal court rulings that prohibit politicians from blocking the public on social media. It is a violation of our constitutional rights. Jim should know blocking constituent speech is illegal.

Jim claims to be proud of his voting record, so why hide it? Why not discuss and defend it? Jim claims to be supported by labor, this is a stretch at best. The majority of labor organizations have endorsed and financially supported his opponent Erin Frasier.

Jeff Nichols

Montesano, Washington

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