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I guess I missed it. Did you? On March 24, locations around the world dimmed their lights in observance of Earth Hour 2018. Lights were turned off at the Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Sydney’s Opera House, Edinburgh Castle, Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, Moscow’s Red Square, the Empire State Building, and other sites as a symbolic gesture of unity in the fight against climate change.

Even if we missed this year's Earth Hour, there is time to act on climate change by supporting Washington State's ballot initiative 1631. This measure would charge pollution fees on sources of greenhouse gas pollutants. The revenue would then be used to reduce pollution, promote renewable energy, and address climate change impacts.

Initiative 1631 is endorsed by the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, a broad-based coalition of 200+ organizations working together to price pollution and invest in climate solutions. For more information, go to the Alliance website.

Please add your signature to the petition to place I-1631 on the ballot.

Jean M. Avery