As I write this letter, I am humbled by the surroundings of the Longview Public Library.

R.A. Long knew the importance of a house of knowledge when he planned the city of Longview. It truly is a gathering place for the entire community, regardless of financial status.

But, this home of books, art, technology and its employees came under attack by the current city council. All in the name of a slash and burn budget cut. What saved the beloved family institution? The people. The citizens, The voters. They spoke with one voice and saved the dismantlement of the house where all are welcome to learn.

But, the current city council's future decisions, could, at any time, implement other disastrous decisions. The solution? The people. The citizens. The voters. We must vote for a change in the current city council.

This November, mark your ballot: John Melink, Christine Schott, Hillary Storbel and Ruth Kendall.

Sue Rutherford


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