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Del Bigtree, a highly regarded national medical journalist who lives in California, became very concerned when the state passed a law mandating 69 doses of 16 vaccines starting at birth to 18 years old.

On June 29, 2018, he gave a lecture at a 10-day health conference explaining how the vaccine manufactures were relieved of liability and the subsequent lack of safety testing. Vaccine revenue is $3 billion per year with about 300 in development. He and others have compiled more than 400 cases of severe mental complications and even death, and the government drags its feet on doing simple analysis for comparing vaccinated vs. non-vaccinated patients.

Your blood will boil as you listen to the lecture on YouTube, "The Real Truth About Health 2018." 

Not convinced yet? Access Ty Bollinger's "Truth about Vaccines," seven days interviewing experts around the world. Episode 1 interviews a Portland pediatrician who has a very nice way of saying how he moved away from the government guidelines based on what he is seeing in patients.

Dr. John Bergman of Huntington Beach gives free Tuesday night lectures on health and also cannot believe the law based on the damage he sees.

If you are going to have kids, please do your homework.

Larry Wilhelmsen


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