I urge all citizens to join me in voting for John Melink for Longview City Council.

I've been asked why I am supporting Melink and my answer is: He is an engineer. Engineers, be they mechanical or civil or electrical, are trained to assess situations, look at the resources at hand and then come up with the most efficient and affordable solutions possible. These are qualities we could really use on the city council.

Melink is a retired Marine officer. He has been trained to lead, to make hard decisions with an eye to just and practical outcomes, and he's a true patriot who will look out for all citizens. Again, these are qualities we could really use on the Longview City Council.

He is a fair and honest person with a compassionate heart who will serve us all well. He is uniquely qualified to help solve the problems in our community.

Please join me in voting for John Melink.

Margaret Hickey


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