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I'm so thankful that we are still living in a country that still has the freedom to write and read another person's perspective and ideas. I enjoy reading the different opinions in the editorial.

But we need to recognize that this privilege is under attack. Our democracy and party system has become a political war zone and it is tearing apart out country. My family lost an uncle fighting in World War II and a nephew in Vietnam for us to have those freedoms. Yet we are not alone, as other countries are fighting within their own nations.

Matthew 24 speaks clearly of the things to watch for in Christ's coming and about the end of the age. It was written as a warning, not to unbelievers, but to believers that the coming of the Lord is near and to be awake.

This Socialist movement that the Democratic party is spreading openly now is deception, hatred, lies and their agenda is not according to the will of God. 

Instead of God's way – as that way is truth, life and loving one another – this movement is being led by a spirit of anti-Christ as Christ's spirit brings forgiveness and love. 

Glenda Fittro


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