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The Washington Post reported that hate crimes in the nation’s 10 largest cities increased by 12 percent last year. A report conducted by researchers at California State University found that these bias crimes against minorities and religious groups were up 20 percent since Trump’s election. According to Newsweek, numerous experts point to Trump’s divisive rhetoric as emboldening bigots.

Meanwhile, instead of speaking out against the president and protecting the minorities in her own district, Republican Congresswoman Jamie Herrera-Beutler trumpets her involvement in a bill allowing the shooting of sea lions. This is akin to boasting about the cake you just baked, while the house is burning down because you did not turn off the stove.

Almost to a member, Republican members of Congress turn a blind eye to Trump’s attempts to dismantle the rule of law, or worse, support him. We need to elect a Democratic Congress in November to keep the president in check until he leaves office. We need leaders who will put the people of this country before their own party.

Kim Dean Matthews