Trump and his followers are constantly defending against flimsy accusations of racism. It’s getting old; especially when they’re unfounded at best and misquoted at worst. Moreover, any action by Trump is reconfigured to be America’s death knell. Any policy is re-interpreted as the epitome of evil. Even when he doesn’t say anything out loud, we’re to believe there’s a ‘dog-whistle’.

K.D. Slade pointed out how Trump is ruining America (The Daily News letters to the editor, Oct. 11). Perhaps Slade would rather have all of America be like the Department of Motor Vehicles, full of bureaucracy and regulations. H.J. Res.40 doesn’t change mental health restrictions on gun ownership so much as it prevents the National Instant Criminal Background Check System from accessing Social Security information — yet another bureaucratic measure that doesn’t change restrictions on the “mentally defective.” Similarly, Trump’s initiative to roll back Obama-era coal regulations does away with obtrusive and vague legislation. What’s “hydrologic balance” anyway? Instead of assuming that every one of Trump’s actions is vile, racist and evil, instead consider that there’s perhaps a logical reason for pushing back on governmental encroachment.

Brian Craft


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