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I am concerned where the public is not troubled by the state of our nation. I feel like I have tried to communicate with my representatives and nothing happens. I believe capitalism has taken over our country, and money is the real power today. We have allowed power, greed, money and deregulations to ruin our democracy. Bernie Sanders is the only one against the power of capitalism, and we need him as president.

Our country needs help. My mother and father came from Finland and had four sons who served in the service during WWII. My brother, Elmer, gave his life for America and the values we held at that point in time. Today is very different; we have lost our values, our respectability and our direction as a country. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. There are too many homeless people and too many children depending on the system for school lunches. It is sad when both the mother and father have to work, if they can find a job, and then still cannot make ends meet.

Carl W. Mattila


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