Permitting is underway for what would be the world's largest methanol refinery — and it is proposed for a site along the Columbia River in Kalama.

This is an unsettling "triple-threat" to our environment in Southwest Washington: (1) Millions of gallons of water would be drained from our aquifers (2) for processing fracked gas into methanol (3) to create more fuel and plastics in Asia.

Besides these environmental threats, there is also an economic triple-threat: Northwest Innovation Works’ China-backed project would (1) use our Northwest resources while (2) seeking U.S. financial subsidies and also (3) avoiding taxes. More information is available at www.SightlineInstitute.org, which describes the scope of this project as staggering and its climate impacts as disastrous.

We must protect our air, our waterways, and our communities. 

Jean M. Avery


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