Thanks for Esther Cepeda’s plea for donations to deal with the increasing hunger in America. (TDN, Nov. 18) The California fires, recent hurricanes, and other disasters increase the need already swelled by the recession that millions still haven’t recovered from. By all means, donate food or dollars, but at the same time think of writing, calling, or visiting those who represent you in Congress. Ask them to deal with the fact that one in five children and one in seven seniors are living in poverty and often go hungry. We have a program called SNAP (formerly food stamps) that is flexible enough to expand to deal with disasters, but keeps facing funding cuts, like those currently proposed in the House Farm Bill. Instead, let’s ask those who represent us to fully fund this program and work to end the causes of hunger in America. It isn’t rocket science, there are many possible solutions. Our voices can help Congress take action to end the tragedy of hunger in our country.

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Washington

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