In response to “One person one vote” by Craig Jones. The United States Of America was founded as a republic, not a pure democracy. The checks and balances of our government helps keep a majority from creating a “mob rule” to impose their ideas and will on the county. If enough people immigrated to the US, legally or otherwise, they could by democratic vote change the whole government of the county to their liking. I believe that the Electoral College was a brilliant idea to keep a concentrated demographic area with their ideological will to be imposed on the county. In fact, the electoral college should be expanded to state vote for Governor. The people that live in 8,718 sq miles out of 98,386 sq. miles of the state of Oregon elected the governor. 7 counties of 36 should not elect a state governor. The rural areas are not being properly represented. Just the “mob rule” of the population centers of the few counties impose their will on the rest of us.

Jerome Diedrich


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