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I respect Mark Nelson’s decades-long dedication to law enforcement in Cowlitz County. But it’s time for a change. Brad Thurman will bring new energy, a new (and badly needed) era of cooperation between law enforcement both within the sheriff’s office and with the other law enforcement agencies in Cowlitz County. Brad’s education and law enforcement experience, his work ethic, his concern for the citizens of the county, his straightforward honesty, his calm strength, and the goodness of his heart are just some of the qualities that make Brad a perfect fit to serve Cowlitz County as our sheriff. Without even knowing it, his life has perfectly prepared him for this challenge, and we are fortunate that he is willing to step forward to bring his vision of law enforcement to all the citizens of Cowlitz County. Police chiefs throughout the Cowlitz County agree that he’s the right choice. That’s a powerful argument for change. Please vote for Brad Thurman for Cowlitz County Sheriff by Aug. 7.

Carol Bales


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