Every TV station and newspaper is warning their residents to be prepared for the "Big One."

We are ignoring common sense ways to prepare for an earthquake that will prevent or lower severe devastation.

Continue to oppose using hydraulic and hydrofracturing of oil, gas and geothermal wells to improve production. Fracking causes earthquakes.

Stop pumping millions of gallons of wastewater into injection wells as a means of disposal. This procedure raises the subsurface pressure, which is an even higher risk of quakes than the fracking itself.

For our Cascadia fault zone — stop approving projects located along our shorelines on liquifiable soils that will store millions of gallons of flammable, explosive, and hazardous materials in tanks that cannot be stabilized.

We shouldn't wonder why Ridgecrest had a 7.1 quake. In California, 71% of the state's oil (which is 10% of the nation's oil) comes from Kern County, which allows fracking. The geothermal plant nearby is experimenting with hydrofracturing, injection wells, and directional drilling to increase productivity.

Why are some Pacific Northwest officials not preparing for the "Big One"?

Chris Turner


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