Letters: Thankful for workers

Letters: Thankful for workers


Thank you to the employees at our local grocery stores and pharmacies. Thank you for staying at your post and putting yourselves in harms way every day.

I was at the Safeway at 30th Avenue and Ocean Beach Highway the day everything changed, Friday the 13th. This is a store I am at, on average, once a day. The staff has always worked very hard and in recent weeks, they've been working past the point of exhaustion. They stay and restock the shelves so you and I can grab a last-minute item. They have husbands and wives, daughters and sons. They love and are loved by grandparents and grandchildren. Their health and exposure is at risk each and every time they leave their homes.

During this time of self-distancing and heightened awareness, please be thoughtful of these individuals. If you remember, tell them thank you. Thank you for being there. Thank you for putting yourselves at risk. Thank you.

Saidi Roulette


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