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Since Thanksgiving is just around the corner, I thought it would be a seasonable time to talk turkey about this foundational day in American history.

Thanksgiving Day is closely associated with three great historical events:

1. In 1620, a little band of pioneers, who had fallen afoul (no pun intended with the word "fowl") of the religious laws of England, sailed in the "Mayflower" to the New World. Called "Pilgrims," they landed in Massachusetts and were the first to designate a day for "Thanksgiving." They were thankful to God for delivering them from religious persecution.

2. In 1789, George Washington proclaimed the first national day of "Thanksgiving" at the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, which ensured religious exercise.

3. It was Abraham Lincoln, near the end of the Civil War, who made "Thanksgiving" a national holiday in the fall of 1863. He was grateful that the Union and freedom had been preserved.

May this year's Thanksgiving favor you with plenty of turkey, other good food and an enjoyable time spent with family and friends.

Jack Malone


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