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America is committing suicide in two different ways. First, by immigration, which I discussed in previous letters to the editor; and second, by political correctness, which I discuss in this letter.

Political correctness has played a big part in changing America's culture. It demands that people believe something based on emotion, even if evidence proves otherwise.

Issues such as foreign policy, global warming and gun control are decided on emotion instead of logic, common sense or the Constitution. Political correctness causes the truth to take a back seat to everything that doesn't favor the socialist left.

Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Party used political correctness to silence people. The family unit was given second-class status, and activities outside the home were increased to decrease family influence.

Throughout history, political correctness always has ended disastrously. When things got bad in Germany, the media increased the level of lies to give the impression that all was well. Interestingly, it seemed the bigger the lie, the greater the acceptance that it was true.

Political correctness enslaves people to a false ideology. "The truth shall set you free." John 8:32

Jack Malone


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